Monday, 13 August 2012

When eyes rest

I've seen sunlight rest in the hearts of people all over the world. 
A gazing at the reloading of souls filled with renewed inspiration, a sprouting of fresh hope, the accidental overflowing of happiness into a burst of spontaneous laughter. So beautiful that at times the seams of my heart strain a little as it expands.

I went into traveling thinking that I could discover the point of rest.
Somewhere between two train station platforms, a well stressed Joanne Harris novel and
a economy seat flight.  

Rest is...
Between the points of focus, like a unplanned photograph. 
In the star glazed midnights, 
the swift escape from summer rain into cozy corner cafes,
the faces of old friends and the shared laughter with new ones. 
It doesn't take a plane ticket to get there, 
or a visa to allow you in.
It's the falling in love with where you are and the people that you are with,
right now.

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