Friday, 24 January 2014

To the Normal girl

The Normal Girl.

A confusing notion.  'Model' is a label assigned to a certain genre of women, which slots them  into another level of beauty, represented through advertising, fashion shows and editorials as the 'ideal' women, whereas a 'normal' girl is considered a cardboard box wall flower. The serial concept of perfection is something that does scare me, mostly as I see so many young girls stretch themselves to the brink of tears, self-abuse, starvation and emotional ruin trying to fit into this category. The young years of "not a worry in the world" are somewhere along the way replaced with a desperate need to be adored, set apart and to be seen as flawlessly perfect, someone worth a second glance. We have an idea that the day we have long enough hair, tanned enough skin, big enough eyes and have reached THAT goal weight… then we have made it. The life-long struggle with the motivation that you are just not good enough until then, has set off an internal struggle to do whatever it takes to get there. 

Women are not one of the most beautiful, exquisite creations ever made, they are THE most beautiful, exquisite creation EVER made. That includes YOU.  There is nothing that sets you apart  from the very fact that you are that exact creation. Not even those inner voices that whisper your imperfections in your ear and point out your flaws, can separate you from that fact.  You are perfection in whatever state you are in right now - today. 

There is nothing more beautiful than YOU. We should be high fiving each other in the streets and exclaiming, "You go, you stunning, beautiful creation, you!" 

And if another woman forgets that for a second, we should all be there in our united beauty to support them in remembering that they are indeed an intergral part of our collective perfection.  Life is sweeter when the people around you realize their incredible, undeniable worth; and when they are reminded of that through your incredible, inspiring positivity, then they are able to share it with other women, and before you know it, all women are walking tall, smiling at how pathetically awesome it is that great works of art, love songs and all of Kenny G's music has been created and inspired by the very thing we are- WOMEN! ANOTHER HIGH FIVE, GO FOR IT! 

You will live one life, it's not going to stretch itself out into oblivion, and get longer once you reach the plasticized version of perfect. You are living perfection at this very moment.  It shines out through your smile, it lives in the positivity of your voice, the beauty of your care and the perfection of your grace. Women were created to uplift, to love and to inspire, that is part of you! 

You are that very thing today, it can't be taken away from you because it was there when you were born. Nothing can smother it out, and with time, it only gets more beautiful! Trust me, my grandmother was proof of that very perfection until her last day at 90 tender years of BEAUTY. 

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