Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Arrival Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a welcoming rest point after 3 flights, 12 cups of coffee and 2 books.
In a city like this, cat-like reflexes are an essential part of avoiding being hit by a Tram, Bus, Scooter or more commonly, a bicycle. Parks painted in crisp green, heavy drooping purple leaved trees wallow over streams. Outside our apartment shy daisies bask in the morning sun, little faces welcoming people into the pub beneath the building.

Our apartment is perched over a wood framed pub, a skinny stairway curls up into the most beautiful place in Amsterdam (in my very biased opinion). Enough buttery sunlight pouring through the wide windows to keep any photographer very content!

At night everything feels young here, students debate science and philosophy, while lovers cling to each other trying to navigate the cobble streets. Amsterdam is a little bit of magic.

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