Monday, 16 July 2012

A bloom

I shut my eyes and try take in everything at once, a string of red glowing above a couple moving too slow to be dancing, too close to decipher one body from the other, guitars and heat, and something romantic fills my lungs.

I am likely to leave here and forget the 39 degrees making my skin feel a little too relaxed, a little too brave. I'll forget the afternoon drenched cathedrals, the stretched out palms, the freckles will fade and the evidence of self inflicted sun loving will all be left to a young memory of an escape...

But there is no amount of time that could make my mind forget the way this piece of earth takes me so far from the world... A careless pleasure my skin absorbs into a trinket box, something to be treasured and someday to be opened again more beautiful then it even seems now.

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